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Form Validation

  • Last four characters of passport number is required. Edit
  • Passport expiration date is required. Edit

Indicates a required field

This field is required
Passport Expiration Date
This field is required


Code coming soon!

Problem Being Solved

Users need to know how to correct form errors.

When to Use

  • Validation should be used on all fields that require a value. Validation should also be used for fields that require data to be entered in a specific format (e.g., email address) when the input is not dictated by the control type.
  • Note that the pattern consists of both field-level messaging and an error box at the top of the page with jumplinks to the field. This approach supports screenreaders.

When Not to Use

Validation is not necessary if a field is optional and doesn’t require a specific data format.


We use the jquery Validation plugin for front end validation, with some customizations for certain fields. See https://jqueryvalidation.org/