Geographic Labelling Guidelines

Updated 30 March, 2018


  1. Maintain previous guidance as follows:
    1. Must refer to all geographic lists as: country/region, or market, or jurisdiction or location
    2. Must not use Republic of China as a substitute for Taiwan in texts, maps or any written or verbal reference.
    3. Must not refer to Tibet as a country (in writing or via map)
    4. Taiwan, HK, Macau and China must be the same color on a map, unless the map is to indicate different jurisdictional or demographic realities, and the map is clearly labelled with a title and legend indicating the reason for the difference (e.g. adoption of regulations)
  2. New guidance:
    1. Use Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR in lists, maps, etc. when referring to a geographic location (e.g. drop down selections)
    2. Use Hong Kong on its own in general text use, similar to how Beijing, San Francisco, Paris and other cities are referred to by their ‘common name’ vs. their formal name
    3. In a list of countries and regions, HK SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan can appear together, as long as the phrase markets, country and region, jurisdictions or location is used to categorize the list. As an example: The markets of Brazil, Taiwan, South Africa, China and Hong Kong SAR were surveyed for their views on dual class shares.